Mountainous areas, marshes, grasslands and near-pristine pine forests are a few of Maine’s landscapes photographer Jared Lank (@jaredlank) treasures
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Client List —
Urban Outfitters | L.L.Bean
EastLand Shoe | Sorel Footwear
Glasses USA | Wilson and Willys
Google | Audio Technica
Berlin City Auto Group | Under Armour
Downeast Magazine | Dispatch Magazine

Features —
Instagram (feed/campus) | Highsnobiety
Mashable | The Creator Class
Sony Alpha | Local Wolves
Easy Inspiration Project | Journesia
Sea Coast Lately | Take Magazine


Jared Lank has a background in Anthropology and Geography, having earned his bachelor's degree at The University of Southern Maine in Portland, Maine. After a several years of photographing his daily life and gaining a following of over 32,000 on Instagram, he decided to pursue the subject full time working for high profile brands and clients nationally. Today, Jared works as a commercial photographer based out of Portland, Maine, continually seeking opportunity to apply his craft to projects that help clients realize their ideas and reach their audience. 


Photo by Abigail Johnson-Ruscansky

Photo by Abigail Johnson-Ruscansky